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We developed this questionnaire, to better understand how the EEBIOMASS community is working. We want to know what you are interested in your research. 

None of the questions below are mandatory. Please, feel free to skip a question or mark it with "No answer".

Thank you for joining our virtual workshop!

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Please help us to get to know our community and select where you are working at.

If you want, you can leave the name of your institution in the comment field.

What is your field of research / activity:

Have you used data from an ESA mission? If yes, please name a few in the comment field.

Have you used data from other missions /agencies / campaigns for
What did you use these data for?
In the context of the BIOMASS mission, and at this point, which data interests you more?
What use do you make of Earth Observation (EO) - based BIOMASS mission products?
In your activity, which Earth Observation (EO) parameters are you looking for?
Pure retrieval at different wavelengths (SAR backscatter, reflectances, ...)
Vegetation products
  • Biomass
  • Vegetation indices (NDVI, EVI, etc.)
  • LAI
  • fAPAR
  • Chlorophyll-a concentration
  • Tree cover
  • Solar (Sun)-induced fluorescence
Other land products
  • Land surface temperature and / or emissivity
  • Land cover
  • Fire detection / burned area
  • Any other? Please use the comment field
In general, any product available to characterize the land surface
Are there any other parameters you are looking for?
What time coverage of data are you looking for?

What spatial coverage are you looking for?

What temporal resolution are you looking for?
What spatial resolution are you looking for?
What meta information do you need to use the data?
In your opinion, what is missing in existing biomass-related EO-based products?
A clear understanding on the measurements
Confidence in the data
A higher accuracy
Better data access
Reporting of uncertainties
Spatial resolution
Spatial coverage
Temporal resolution
Temporal coverage
Clear documentation
Tutorials on how to use the data
Complementary data (e.g. tree cover from independent observations, NDVI)
Something else? Please, leave your comments here
What does a dataset need to have to be considered "complete" ?
A full Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD)
Uncertainty quantification
Data quality flags
An associated peer reviewed scientific publication
Tools for data access
Others? Please use the comments
Please leave your comments here
Data access
How would you like to access the data
To have the possibility to download it all in large chunks (e.g. ftp)
To download selected regions and time spans (e.g. selection in an online mapping tool)
To access it via webservices (e.g. APIs)
To do the processing online and download the analysis results / figures (e.g. like Google Earth Engine)
The file format is something very important
Please, give us some more information on your preprocessing needs
I need the data already at a particular resolution before using it
I take the data products (biomass and height) and do the processing myself
I just need an above ground biomass height value per gridcell
I will work with the backscatter data from the polarimetric / tomographic phase
Wrap up
Give us a good example from EO-based products when related to the BIOMASS mission:
Do you have any additional comments? Feel free to leave them in the field below!
Organisational Feedback
Overall, how would you rate this event?
The workshop was well prepared
What did you like most about the event?
What did you like least about the event?
How do you think this event could have been improved?
Would you join a webinar series on the BIOMASS mission and using its data products?
I would join a webinar
How likely are you to recommend our events to a colleague?
I will recommend this event to a colleague
Feel free to leave a name of a person you think, would be interested to join our webinars or the next workshop.

I would join an online community based on